Science and Art

This is a collection of projects at the intersection of science, art, and communications that I find compelling.  I am interested in building collaborations with scientists and artists, if you are too contact me!



Science communication:

Art on science, art of science, science using art:

Visual Teaching
  • Teaching children about climate models: earth4U
  • Challenger Center Earth Science: Lesson Plans

I want everyone to feel that science is accessible and relevant.  We all need access to science in this critical time of evolving technology, global climate change, and industrialization.

I am interested in the intersection of science and art as it gets at our interest to understand the natural world from multiple perspectives.  In 2010 -2011 I  worked with fiction, nonfiction, and poetry writers through a fellowship funded by the Jerome Foundation and run through the Loft Literary Center in Minnesota.  I am interested in developing outreach programs that increase science literacy with creative outlets.


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